Review Of Galaxy Legend (Android)

Galaxy Legend – a game about space exploration with a wonderful atmosphere, beautiful battles and simple unobtrusive gameplay.

What about the Galaxy Legend can be said for sure-is the fact that it is not overloaded with unnecessary details. This is an original and atmospheric project with such a simplified gameplay that strategy lovers may seem almost casual.

Galaxy Legend can hardly even be called an online strategy: you can face and fight with other players only if both have such a desire. No sudden attacks on the base during the forced absence, no terror from the enemy Alliance. But the game does not become boring. The fact is that this is one of the few strategies where there is a single mode.

In 2841, humanity finally mastered space so that it became engaged in the capture of planets in distant galaxies. The player is invited to become one of these pioneers. At his disposal will be a small planet to be developed, and a whole bunch of tasks from the leadership: from the study of the nearby nebulae and ending with the destruction of space pirates.

Buildings are relatively few, but they are all needed to enhance the combat capability of spaceships. The main gameplay is to perform a line of tasks, which ends invariably with the battle with the next boss. The battles take place in an almost automatic mode: first, the player brings his fleet to the enemy, who wants to attack, and then puts the ships in the tactical mode, already seeing the location of the ships of his opponent.

Each ship is controlled by its hero, which in the Galaxy Legend very much. They have different parameters that affect the effectiveness and different attacks. For example, a laser beam that burns all the ships in front of him at once, or a powerful flash that explodes not only the target but all the ships that stand nearby. Unfortunately, for tactical maneuvers with the location is simply not possible: at first, most of the tactical cells are blocked, they can be opened during the game.

Ships can be improved by pumping them on the basis of a special engineering and construction complex. There interstellar transport is repaired, but it is expensive, especially if the damage is strong. It is important to understand that attacking strong opponents, the victory over which is unlikely – is not the best tactic. The resulting award simply does not cover the cost of repairs.galaxy-legend4in Galaxy Legend simplified even the resource system. There’s only one main resource – the qubit, and donation credits. Loans give for a variety of achievements, such as the destruction of a certain number of pirate ships, the construction of a building and so on. Such a simple and stripped-down gameplay does not create a particularly depressing experience when playing. Perhaps the reason is the graphics, beautiful, stylish, detailed and bright.

Galaxy Legend is a strategy with its own atmosphere, play you want. Maybe it is easier than most strategies, but it can be given time when you want, and not to go several times a day without fail. Fascinating, beautiful and not straining strategy about space and distant planets.