Review of Clash of Kings: Last Empire

Clash of Kings: Last Empire – online strategy with interesting solutions. As expected from the game of this genre, the basis of the gameplay – the development of the Kingdom and the extraction of resources by robbing neighbors.

In Clash of Kings there are only two types of game resources: wood and wheat. There is also gold-a currency that can be bought for real money or receive for the execution of tasks. Gold is mainly needed to speed up the construction or training of troops. By the way, if before the end of a period of less than five minutes, you can speed it up and free.

The whole territory of the Kingdom is covered with squares of foundations: it is on these pre-defined places to build farms, sawmills and other buildings. There are a lot of buildings, but it is quite possible to understand them, because the training course is detailed and covers all the important points.

Unfortunately, the resources do not collect themselves. The player needs to regularly go and harvest. In the online strategy is also worth looking after his Empire: you never know, attacked by someone or something like that. But here’s the forced entry for the sake of resource collections can not be called a plus.

The army is also in need of buildings for training. For each type of troops requires its own, separate building. They can be improved, as well as peaceful buildings. The basis of all construction and development – the castle, high levels of which open access to more elite troops and buildings. The king also develops, gets experience. At the beginning of the game you can give it a name and choose the appearance. Then it can be done only for gold.

Battles take place” behind the scenes”. The player only shows the results of the battle and the resulting prey. The time it takes for the army to reach its target depends on the distance, and its movement is displayed on the map along with the remaining time counter.

In Clash of Kings there are clans to join which is a good and wise decision, because it will be more fun to play, there will be a variety of joint projects, inter-clan hostility and other exciting elements, animating repetitive single player gameplay.

The world map subtly resembles the third heroes. Here, too, wandering groups of neutral monsters scattered around different buildings and farms that can be captured and forced to work for the good of the Empire. But it is most useful to settle as close as possible to your Alliance. So play will be much easier than settling in the middle of the territory of foreign unfriendly alliances. You can move your Kingdom at the beginning of the game, while the castle is not yet too developed. Upon reaching a certain level teleport will be possible only for gold.

Clash of Kings is hardly original, but still it is good. Beautiful and detailed graphics, balanced, although not unique gameplay, a lot of players that online strategy is also not the last factor in importance-it has its advantages, able to captivate players.