Review Game of War — Fire Age (Android, iOS)

Game of War — Fire Age – a strategy with elements of fantasy, which was estimated by millions of players. The main goal is to create a strong army and seize power over the country.

Game of War — Fire Age – one of the most popular multiplayer strategies, which takes place in ancient times. Objective: to seize power, taking part in numerous battles.

From the very beginning, the player has only one task: to develop his city in any way. It is possible to focus on trade and networking with neighbors, thus choosing a peaceful path. But, if you do not participate in the battles, far progress will not be possible.

With the battles at first, there is a difficulty. While the gamer is not strong enough, it will be difficult to win. And gaining experience, to plunge the enemy alone will be very difficult, so it is recommended to join the Alliance immediately. In addition, up to the fifth level can be free to teleport to the location of the Alliance for more effective protection.

Battles are held effectively, given how diverse are the troops. Moreover, it is possible to make the dragon fight for the user. To start winning, it is recommended to open different types of troops as quickly as possible and, of course, to pump the combat power. It is also necessary to build hospitals so that wounded soldiers do not die after the battles.

It is also necessary to conduct various studies to open new objects, including traps that will cause damage to the attackers. To obtain the resources to build farms, sawmills, and quarries. Also in the city, there is a prison where you can put captured soldiers.

The strategy has paid content. Those who want to become one of the best, or at least to pump the city above level 10, can not do without it. At a minimum, it will be difficult to rebuild the territory without the use of a long protective shield.

In Game of War – Fire Age there is a built-in chat, where you can chat with other users. It has a remarkable feature – a translator from many languages. This is useful because there are no communication problems that often spoil the multiplayer game.

Developers can be proud of graphics-bright and rich colors will not leave anyone indifferent, as well as detailed objects. The design of some buildings looks impressive and as improvements become only better. The style of the city is reminiscent of Ancient Rome, and you can build a beautiful place with various fountains, alleys and residential villas.

Game of War — Fire Age for a reason has attracted millions of gamers from different countries of the world. The strategy really carries, and not for one evening, and for many months. Constant battles do not get bored, but, on the contrary, cause excitement and desire to win. Built-in chat translator makes the game easier, breaking the language barrier, and beautiful graphics pleases even the most demanding users.