Puffin Web Browser review

Style and Usability 8/10

The Puffin Web Browser has a minimal interface with essential functionalities concealed in its sidebar. Thus, with a clutter-free environment, Puffin Web Browser makes the task of Internet surfing a breeze. The app is packed with features that can come to help on many occasions.

The built of the application is such that it provides a fast, responsive and seamless surfing around experience to its users. Those looking forward to saving their data package while browsing the web, Puffin Internet browser is for them. The iphone app has been integrated with a robust defense mechanism that protects the device against any malicious activities.

Crucial Functions 9/10

There are oodles of functions that tag along with the Puffin Web Browser and each one of them enhances the web surfing experience by several notches. It comes with an ‘add to bookmark’ feature which aids in saving your preferred website or a website to your directory. Also, it comes with an ‘incognito mode’ that allows you to browse the web in private, thus, guaranteeing the Puffin Browser does not keep a track of cache, history or biscuits.

With Puffin on your device, you can even ‘request for a pc site’ and the website will be transformed into their desktop version. The ‘share’ function allows one to reveal your preferred webpage or website easily with others through several mediums. Apart from the previously mentioned, you get ‘mouse’ and ‘keyboard’ functions which can make internet browsing for you effortless.

The application comes with its very own ‘gamepad’ feature that allows you play video games on this browser with the visual gamepad. It comes with an ‘optimized video player’ in this browser with which you get to watch your selected movies directly in its software. Adobe Flash support, various color themes, refine images, speediest JavaScript Engine, and so forth. are some other key functionalities that make Puffin one of the most preferred web browsers.

Security 10/10

You undertake many things over the web that demands a high-level of security, for instance, working in the social media accounts, undertaking financial transactions, sharing confidential information within the emails, etc. Puffin Internet browser fathoms well the value of security and therefore offers cloud protection to all their users.

This protection ensures that all the traffic from this app to its server are protected. Also, it protects through malware, local hackers, unguaranteed Wi-Fi connections and much more.

Number of users: How Huge Is It?

The Puffin Web Browser has more than 10 million will get to its name. All thanks to the team support as well as quick reply in picking out new up-dates that the app has been able to retrieve so many users from the world.

The iphone app drastically improves the experience of web surfing and ensures data saving even on the cellular community. Also, it boosts the speed with its next generation of a rendering powerplant. Generally speaking, by staying abreast with the latest technology, the app has recently been able to interest many users of transportable smart devices.

Why Do We all Recommend This App?

Right now there are many who will be particular about the web internet browser that they use. They will examine every security and convenient feature meticulously before geting an iphone app for surfing the internet. If you too are one of them, we suggest the use of Puffin Internet browser.

The iphone app is cent per cent safe to explore the World Wide Web and undertake the confidential transactions. Above all, with a plethora of amusing and essential benefits, the Puffin Web Internet browser in order to internet surfing to the next level. Do this wicked fast web browser and leverage its prospective to rejoice your chosen websites.