GTA 3 For iPad – Review

So much for the mellow Christmas apps for iPad like songs, games, puzzles, cooking books, movie reviews, and many more. It’s time for us to take a tour at the other side of the world with the iTablet. I am talking about Grand Theft Auto 3 that finally hits our beloved Apple tablet.

Let’s talk about the new iPad adventure game that is surely making noise on the web. Sure you can have a big blast for Christmas and when I say blast I mean with guns and bombs. Make sure you get your kids off to bed early since GTA 3 for iPad is not really appropriate for them, mainly because it involves crimes, shootings, car-napping, high-jacking and other violent scenes that can corrupt their young minds.

The older minds, on the other hand, are exempted and can leave the wholesome acts for a while. It can be fun wasting time chasing cops, stealing cars and helicopters to achieve a main goal. Helping Niko Bellic forget his past and escape from Liberty City is not that easy so make sure you master the art/strategy of this game.

Grand Theft Auto that was first released for PS2 will surely get you hooked on the iPad. You will enjoy the smooth graphics, high action, and adventure in the city where money, guns, violence, and power are acting as gods. The high resolution of the new iPad adventure game on the 10.5-inch screen will surely bring Liberty City to life, but watch out; that comes with your skilful enemies that will do their best to eliminate you as fast as they could.

The game comes with a multi-player option that is fun and thrilling when played with friends, but it requires additional and enhanced strategies to be on top. Hey! A game will be so damn boring without challenges, and of course occasional defeat. The additional treat is the costume match feature that gives you the ability to select your multiplayer option. You can then find your match online for that unlimited chasing and fun adventure.

GTA 3 for iPad brings crime busting at your fingertips well, you can also use a stylus if you want. Every gameplay comes with stunning graphics, responsive scenes since the version for the iTablet is optimized for touch-screen devices. If you’re the type of gamer who is not that easy to impress, and then try to measure your standards by playing the game on your Apple tablet. The stellar narrating voice, dark storyline, and striking soundtrack is in fact enough to get you hooked with the game.

GTA3 for iPad is currently available in the Apple Store for $4.99, an amount that is too little compared to the countless hours of fun, thrill, and adventure that the game app will offer. Try the game on your iDevice and you will know that it’s not only limited to watching movies and videos, reading books, puzzles, and so on.

GTA 3 for iPad can prove that the Apple tablet can be a perfect gaming companion during your boring nights, or days.